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About Loyaltii

With Loyaltii your customers will be treated like they were on a Gourmet Restaurant

The Loyaltii solution was launched by Juhlsen A/S in 2010 and has been continously developed since then

We have registered purchases for many million Euro, and handled many million contacts in the system over the years. Among the customers who are and have been using the solution are:

  • Bilka
  • føtex
  • Netto (DK, UK, D, S and PL)
  • Salling
  • Small Danish Hotels
  • Middelfart Sparekasse
  • JYSK (in 17 European countries)

The combination of Loyaltii features and services from Juhlsen makes the difference

We recognize that many large organisations wants to use one of the major international "Marketing Cloud Solutions", and we will not try to compete directly against these solutions. However with Loyaltii, and integrations to whatever "best in breed solutions" you already have chosen for CRM, ERP, Customer Service Etc., then we can actually deliver a very competitive package of software and services.

Our main focus is to deliver high Return On Investment and high speed to market - in a way that makes the life of our customers easy.

This is also why we are actually not selling Loyaltii as a stand-alone DIY software. We only sell Loyaltii to companies, who are interested in working together with Juhlsen, so we can take a part of the responsibility for getting results and reaching defined goals within limits of the agreed budget.

Contact Juhlsen at +45 21 37 25 85 or to hear more about what we can do for your company.

You are also welcome to contact Managing Director Torben Rasmussen directly at